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Liveblogs for Sports: How They Improve the Fan Experience

Liveblogs have become an integral part of sports coverage. They allow fans to follow games in real time and interact with other fans who may not be at the event. Especially in today's digital world, liveblogs are an indispensable tool for providing fans with up-to-date information and analysis. However, liveblogs and live tickers are not only great for covering international matches but also for more and more local sporting events.
  A fan at a game gets additional information about the match by looking at a liveblog.

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In the following blog post, we discuss the advantages of creating sports liveblogs and show how some publishers have used them to their advantage. We also give tips on how you can make captivating sports liveblogs for your audiences.



πŸ“±Real-Time Updates for Fans that Can't Follow the Game Live 

Let's start with the obvious benefit: Liveblogs are an excellent way for fans who cannot watch a match live to stay up to date. You can follow the action in real time and learn about important events like goals, injuries, or substitutions.

πŸ“ˆ In-Game Detailed Analysis and Commentary 

Liveblogs allow sports journalists and experts to provide detailed analysis and commentary during the game. This additional analysis and commentary enable fans to understand the game better and learn more about the teams' strategies and tactics. This strategy allows media providers to express their expertise and set themselves apart from their competition in terms of content.

πŸ“£ Build up Engagement and Camaraderie Amongst Fans 

Liveblogs can also help increase interaction. Fans can share their thoughts and opinions in real time and connect with other fans. By incorporating polls and interactive elements such as live voting, event organizers and reporters can increase fan engagement with their brand, club, and team. This interaction creates a community that is passionate about the sport and its associated brands.


🀾 Der Spiegel's Handball European Championship Liveblogs

Der Spiegel has used interactive and entertaining liveblogs to cover major sporting events for years. Several experts blog simultaneously and get the fans involved by embedding some of their Twitter posts, among other content. Here is an example from the 2020 European Handball Championship.

⚽ The Guardian's Liveblogs about the Premier League

The Guardian is one of the leading daily newspapers in the UK and offers regular liveblogs about the Premier League. Their use of liveblogs for sports coverage differs from how many publishers cover soccer matches. Their liveblogs are not only used for the match action, but they also do a Weekend Football Countdown for pre-match coverage. This additional coverage provides a wealth of information and context, including real-time updates, expert analysis, and fan commentary. 

🏈 RP Online's Coverage of the Super Bowl

RP Online shows how a liveblog can be used as a tool for complete coverage of a sporting event with its coverage of the Super Bowl. Days before the sporting highlight, the reporters collect preliminary reports and fan contributions within the blog. During the game, the liveblog acts as a live ticker. Afterward, articles, comments, and analyses are collected here.

πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ Tri247's Coverage of SuperLeague Triathlon Championship

Tri247's coverage of the Super League Triathlon Championship  demonstrates that liveblogs are a valuable storytelling resource even if a livestream is available of an event. Tri247 supplemented the livestream with their liveblog by collecting quotes and individual interviews posted to Twitter in one feed that remained on the event website, even after it ended. This way fans can relive the action and emotions on a later date. 
A girl makes a video of a sports game to integrate into a liveblog

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Now that we know how valuable well-constructed sports liveblogs can be for publishers and sporting event organizers, the next step is creating your own. Here are three crucial elements you need when composing your own sports liveblog:
  1. The Right Software
  2. A Fitting Concept
  3. Solid Preparation
Regarding software selection, several tools and platforms allow easy creation and management of liveblogs. Tickaroo is one of the leading providers in this market. Our recommendation: When selecting the perfect tool, pay particular attention to the software's flexibility and performance and whether or not it fits your content concept.
When selecting a fitting software, you should already have a rough concept for the liveblog. Should the liveblog focus on statistics, expert contributions, or audience engagement? Does monetization play a significant role? These points should be clear to you and your team before you begin the sports liveblog.
It is also vital that the team that creates and maintains the liveblog is well prepared for the game and its audience. Adequate preparation includes, for example, a good knowledge of the competing teams and any relevant current developments. The technical aspects should also not be neglected. A stable Internet connection and a responsive design are just two essential requirements that must be secured in advance.
As a liveblog software provider, Tickaroo is aware of the importance of liveblogs in sports and enables sports clubs, sports federations, and media houses to create and share high-quality liveblogs.


Overall, liveblogs in sports offer a variety of benefits for fans, media companies, and sports clubs. They enable real-time reporting and analysis that enhance the sports experience for fans worldwide. They also allow sports clubs and federations to showcase themselves better and keep their fans informed.
For media companies, liveblogs offer an opportunity to engage and grow their audience. By providing real-time updates and commentary, they can keep their readers up to date and offer them a more complete sports experience. Monetization features even provide additional revenue streams.
Overall, it can be said that liveblogs are playing an increasingly important role in sports and are a promising way to connect fans around the world with their favorite sports or teams in real time.

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