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Liveblogging Strategies for Events

In this podcast episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast with Jon Tromans, Tickaroo's CEO Naomi Owusu shares what modern liveblogging looks like today and shares some tips for covering events with this engaging format.
  A conference room filled with young people looking at a tv screen. An event like this could easily be covered with a liveblog.

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Name of the podcast episode:


What's the episode about?

Jon and Naomi discuss what liveblogging looks like today, what kinds of events are particularly suited for this format, and how marketers can leverage this engaging storytelling tool to reach their audiences. 

Here are some of our favorite quotes:  

  • Naomi: Liveblogging is a new way of digital live storytelling. So rather than an article, you would post live updates, images, posts, videos, on a certain event. It's not on social media, but it's on a closed format on your website. So it would be like a newsfeed on a certain event. 
  • Jon: So this isn't really a blog is it? It's really an event, I suppose. 
  • Naomi:  Yeah, definitely. It's really engaging and I think people feel like they can participate more, in comparison to an article where they are just confronted with the facts.  
  • Listen to the full episode here for tips and tricks on covering events with a liveblog.


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