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Liveblogs for Conferences and Large Events - Connect With Participants

The pressures on conference- and event organizers have always been enormous. They need to accommodate large crowds of visitors while also being able to announce changes to the program promptly. They also have to meet the public's high demands for communication before, during, and after the event. This continuous demand for relevant information requires flexibility and adaptability. This is where a liveblog can help. 
Thanks to the fast dissemination of precise information, visitors are continually updated. Short-term changes in the schedule or program are also communicated directly and uncomplicatedly. Additionally, liveblogs offer a platform for feedback and interaction, enabling visitors to participate even more.

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In this blog post, you'll learn how to use liveblogs to enhance your events and what advantages this format offers. We'll also share various use cases and tips on using them successfully.


A liveblog is a digital newsfeed displaying real-time information on an event. It allows you to use texts, images, videos, and social media posts to highlight various aspects of the event. Liveblogs are often used by journalists when covering the news. However, they are also beneficial for conferences and events. The reasons for this become clear once we examine some of their advantages. 


Liveblogs offer numerous advantages for organizers and visitors. Here are some of the most important benefits:

ℹ️ Quick and Effective Dissemination of Information: 

With a liveblog, organizers can quickly and easily keep all visitors updated. Whether it's about program changes, new exhibitors, or important dates - the Liveblog updates all visitors in real time. 

⁉️ Interaction with the Audience: 

A liveblog allows visitors to interact directly with the organizers and other visitors. This means they can ask and answer questions, give feedback, and engage in discussions digitally and in person.

👁️ Greater Reach and Visibility:

A liveblog can also help increase the reach and visibility of an event. Visitors can share the liveblog with their friends and followers, thus ensuring that more and more people can experience elements of interest despite not being able to attend.

💰 Added Value for Sponsors and Exhibitors: 

A liveblog can bring benefits for both sponsors and exhibitors. Organizers can allow these partners to use the official event liveblog to promote their products or services and directly get in touch with visitors. And don't forget that the very visible liveblog is also the perfect opportunity to find a communications sponsor. 


In order to create a successful liveblog, organizers need to follow a few important steps:

📝 Planning and Preparation: 

Before launching a liveblog, the organizers should develop a concept and define a clear strategy. Here, the target group and the most important themes of the event should be taken into account.

👨‍💻 Integration of a Liveblog into the Event: 

A liveblog should be visible and easily accessible for visitors. Liveblogs can be a central component of the event digital communication or it can be integrated into into an existing event app or website.

📱 Use of Images, Videos and Social Media: 

To make a liveblog even more interesting and interactive, organizers can also integrate images, videos and social media posts. Organizers can either share visitors posts within their liveblog to help build community within the event, and they can enable visitors to post liveblog posts directly to Twitter so that they can share their experiences at the event. 

💬 Moderation and Interaction with the Audience:

During the event, a liveblog should be constantly updated and moderated. The organizers should react to the visitors' questions and comments and gather feedback. This will ensure the success of the event for all visitors.

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A Liveblog from for the "Rock im Park 2022" festival shows how a liveblog can be used to offer an experience to people who cannot be on site during the musical event. The liveblog contains pictures, videos and updates from the bands' performances, as well as reports on the general atmosphere on the festival grounds. This way, readers were able to experience the festival almost as closely as the visitors on site.
Another example of an event liveblog is  Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2022. It demonstrates the use of a liveblog aimed at providing important information and updates to attendees of the conference. The liveblog includes updates about the presentations, highlights from exhibitors, and reactions from attendees. This allows readers to stay up to date even if they are unable to attend the conference themselves.
A further example of an event liveblog is that of  Wired zur Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023. It shows the use of a liveblog aimed at giving readers a detailed overview of a trade fair. The liveblog contains updates on new products, trends and developments, as well as images and videos from the trade fair. 
Liveblogs are a particularly good addition to sports events. The  European Championships in München 2022 Liveblog updated fans with the latest results and standings, while also capturing the action and atmosphere around the venues. Here are some additional highlights:  another liveblog was set up as an information source for volunteers at the event, and the branding options provided additional monetisation opportunities for the organizers. 


Liveblogs offer a simple and effective way to keep conference and event visitors informed and provide organizers with more flexibility. They deliver numerous benefits, such as quick dissemination of information, interaction with the audience, and increased reach. However, to access its full potential, organizers should ensure that their liveblog is well planned, integrated and moderated.
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