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What Readers Want & How To Give It To Them

In this article originally published in What's New in Publishing, Tickaroo's CEO Naomi Owusu discusses how new formats like liveblogging are addressing the needs and desires of all news consuming generations. 

A neon sign that encourages publishers to create great content that meets the needs of consuming generationsPhoto by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Name of the article: 


What's the article about?

In this article, Naomi shares ways that news providers can connect with audiences whose news consumption behaviour has been transformed by the social media revolution. She also provides examples from regional German media houses and how they use new technologies to keep their budgets in check while also exploring new and exciting formats.

Here are some of our favorite quotes: 

" People today want to consume content that is easily accessible, digestible and succinct. This means that creators need to dedicate more attention to how they ‘package’ up and ‘deliver’ their content."
"The key to news innovation is building content that is digestible and cuts to the chase – not just from an audience perspective, but from a commercial one."
"The pandemic has squeezed budgets and naturally reduced the number of staff working full time, especially for smaller publications. So how have the smaller and more nimble regional publications gone about making up for this loss in a time of crisis, covering stories that aren’t considered newsworthy for the national papers? They simply found more innovative ways of gaining a competitive advantage – experimenting with different media content platforms to produce high-quality press at a low production cost."

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