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What is a Tickaroo Live Blog?

  • In it's basic form, a liveblog is a newsfeed integrated into a website that allows its creators to share updates with readers in real-time.
  • In today's news coverage, speed is of the essence (at least most of the time). Short, fast, and actionable content in real-time has become essential for daily news consumption. Today's readers have a low tolerance for lagging performance. For example, loading times over three seconds lead to high abandonment rates. This shows that the media landscape is in the midst of transformation and must adapt to the new circumstances with new tools and formats.

    One format that adapts to these changes in consumer behaviour is the liveblog. With a liveblog, you write about important news and share it with your readers in real-time. Various media can be added to liveblogs such as text, images, links, videos, music, social media posts, polls, and quizzes to keep your readers not only informed but also entertained with interactive content. This content keeps readers on your website as long as possible. This is not only attractive for sponsors, but also for search engine ranking.

What is the difference between a liveblog and a liveticker?

  • For several years, liveblogs have been the answer to the changing needs of new generations of information consumers. They experienced their rise mainly through sporting events, where they covered the goals, penalties and scores in what in many European regions were called livetickers. In recent years, however, they have also been used in modern, digital news reporting and called liveblogs.

For whom is a liveblog worthwhile?

  • Do you feel like sharing information in real-time with your readers? Then the liveblog is the perfect tool for you! Liveblogs can be used in many ways and are not only suitable as live tickers for sporting events. Nowadays, liveblogs are also at home in the publishing and media world. Journalists and editors from a wide variety of fields record important events in liveblogs and achieve enormous popularity among users due to their constant topicality. Influencers and travel bloggers can also benefit from having their own travel liveblog. You can find more liveblog inspiration for various events and happenings on our Live Blog in Action page. 

How do I get started?

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